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Brand Salt Marketing is a collective of marketing experts from various backgrounds. We bring a plethora of tools and skills to the table combining years of experience on and off of Amazon to boost your brand to the top of today's highly competitive Amazon marketplaces. 

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We offer comprehensive marketing and management services for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers looking to open new revenue streams for their business online with a focus on global Amazon marketplaces. After a thorough market analysis of your product roster and assessing potential on Amazon we then build a customized strategy for success. We completely manage your Amazon business - from inventory management, marketing on and off of Amazon, and even customer service. Contact us for a free assessment today!

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We operate on a simple percentage of revenue basis. Much like a sales rep our value to you is measured on hard numbers and not vague marketing fees and service charges. We fuel your success and that is truly our success.

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Our Services

Will my products sell on Amazon?

We do thorough market research and analysis so you can find out if your products have potential for selling on Amazon, which products to sell, and how to create a successful launch strategy for your catalogue onto Amazon.

Amazon Seller Central Management

We provide you with inventory management and forecasting, customer service, ensuring your account metrics stay above required standards and all other daily tasks associated with selling on Amazon. 

Disappointed with your results?

If you've already launched on Amazon but aren't seeing the results you expected. Speak with our team and find out why and what you can do to improve.

Social Media Management

Using social media channels to boost your Amazon sales is not only an advantage but  a must in today's highly competitive landscape.

What if I don't have a brand for my products?

If you are a manufacturer or have a relationship with a supplier of unbranded products. We can help you develop a brand and concept so that you can easily make the shift from B2B to B2C selling.

Any questions?

Just ask! 

Contact us by phone or email and we'll do our best to help you in any way we can. We're always happy to help with a free general overview and consultation.

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