Listing Optimization


Good Title Sense Make Title Better Tittle Optimize

Don't get trapped in ancient tactics of keyword stuffed nonsensical titles. 

Your titles should include:

  • the main keywords you are targeting 
  • decision influencing information 
  • size, colours, or other technical details that will compel the buyer to click your listing

We can help you decide which keywords to include in your title to maximize clicks and conversions. Sometimes using less popular keywords is a better strategy.

Bullet Points


Delicious Succulent Gourmet Spiced Mouth Watering Bullet Points

 Your bullet points are not just ways of including more keywords. It's your chance to speak to your customer after they've clicked on your listing. 

  • What information does your customer need to know? 
  • What do you want them to know?
  • Why should they buy your product? 

Optimizing your bullet points means using relevant keywords and keyword phrases that people are searching for but also turning them into a force which drives conversions through convincing sales copy. 

Product Description and EBC


Utilize, Organize, and Optimize Product Descriptions


Well organized and clear product descriptions can provide the customer with more in depth information about the product to close the sale. It's also a great space to build trust and show off your company. 

If you are brand registered you'll most definitely want to take advantage of using EBC content to showcase your awesome brand and highlight your unique selling points.